Learning creates leaders

SEQTA Professional Services is the professional development division of SEQTA. We are responsible for all training and certification of the SEQTA suite. It also provides a range of professional development workshops that are focussed on strengthening teachers’ professional practice and nurturing educational leadership and a range of Microsoft courses to support teachers in their classrooms.

To date we have trained over 7000 teachers across all Australian states, Asia, Canada, New Zealand and Africa. The training covered introductory, advanced and level 3 workshops delivered via face to face sessions and through our E-Learning platform.

Introductory training on curriculum, attendance administration, pastoral care and system administration for new users of the SEQTA Suite as part of the implementation process.

Advanced Training workshops and Certification in the SEQTA suite provides a deeper insight and knowledge to the functionality available on the software.

Ideal for educators who want to enhance their professional development portfolios, the Professional Practice Workshops cover a range of topics such as, learning theory, pedagogy, leadership and best teaching practice.