Video tutorials – Integrations

Video tutorials – Integrations

This video provides an overview of using digital textbooks provided by LearningField in lesson content in SEQTA Teach,

including the improved workflow for accessing the book holder.

This video shows the workflow of using Turnitin integrated with SEQTA assessments.

This video provides an overview of the integration between SEQTA and Moodle.  Showing how to set up the integration, get and use the LTI data to insert Moodle content into a programme in SEQTA Teach.

myEd – Setting it up

This video (1 of 3)  shows the set up of myEd. How to integrate, use myEd in a programme to set content and questions, and use the IQP to assign quests to students.

myEd – Students Perspective

This video (2 of 3) shows how myEd content appears to a student in SEQTA Learn, and how students can complete quests set by the teacher.

myEd – Responses and the SEQTA Marks book

This video (3 of 3) shows the process of marking student work in myEd, and how this data flows through to the SEQTA marks book. Skip to 4:41 for a quick summary of the process of managing marks for myEd responses.